Lessons that change your life. Yes, in her clear, relaxing way of speaking Nicoletta Ingusci introduces you to a practice that can positively influence every aspect of your day. From the simplest practice to the most complex asanas, it is a perfect guide to accepting and respecting one’s body, improving physical and mental fitness, overcoming one’s limits without mistreating ourselves. Discovered during the Lockdown, it not only helped my family fight those moments, but will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Anna Cappellini

Nico… thank you for finding her! A true professional who manages to make you love the magical world of yoga even more. Beautiful lessons, intense practices that make the body and soul work!

Federica Constantini

I started for fun during the lockdown period and from that moment I realized that I had found a tool to regain awareness and detachment during periods of strong physical and mental stress. A research path that leads back to one’s own being instead of a search for precarious answers that reside in the external world. Nicoletta, a gentle but tenacious spirit, dragged me towards a path of personal growth: without fear and without judgment, I start my days celebrating myself and listening to my body. A practice that I cannot do without.

Matteo Zanni

I have been tied to the judgment of others for a long time. In my sport there is a jury, not a chronometer that indicates who is the winner. We also work to search for approval, it is never enough. Yoga helps me to find my own spaces, free from any form of competition and judgment. On that mat I’m just Vale.

Valentina Marchei

A few months ago I decided to undertake a coaching path. It was proposed to me by Nicoletta, who in recent years has understood that I needed external help. She realized I was reluctant to talk to a psychologist. So I accepted her proposal, without really knowing how it worked. From the first meeting I found a person who does not judge me, who helps me to read my deepest self with another interpretation. I found a peaceful, welcoming environment. Nicoletta welcomes, shares with you. I am happy to have met her on my way. A person who tells you what you never had the courage to tell you, or perhaps the courage to admit.

Alessandra Zanolli

I’ve always played a lot of sport in my life and I like to face challenges with myself. Yoga with Nicoletta teaches me to respect and listen to my body through deep breathing but it is also a challenge of strength and balance that tests me. While practicing yoga, I feel connected with myself.

Ondrej Hotarek

Here, Nicoletta’s yoga taught me acceptance, of myself and of many small limits and also of my small successes, lesson after lesson … my mind felt freer and stronger, my body less rigid and fluid At each lesson a progress that has given me and still gives me new energy and freedom. Here, at the end of the lesson I feel free, from every negative thought and stress of the day, everything seems easier to deal with and the contact with myself is much stronger. So I want to thank this discipline and especially Nicoletta, who helped me to overcome a great pain and to grow emotionally. Only on my mat, with my eyes closed, I could see my dad, who reassured me and hugged me, as he always did in his earthly life. Namaste.

Michela Giacon

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in some yoga classes with Nicoletta during the quarantine period and I must say that she is a person of great professionalism and her lessons, always well prepared and never left to chance, are very complete and easy to follow. I recommend you to try to follow her because it’s worth it, she will give you a lot and I can’t wait to be able to participate in one of her lessons again.

Nicole Della Monica

Me and yoga? I never imagined even just wanting to try: short time, always away from home, better the sofa! Then comes Covid: closed at home, alone … Nicoletta and yoga were my lifeline! I started from scratch, with no agility and after a couple of lessons I was reborn! Nicoletta is a fantastic teacher: during practice she instills calm and manages to transmit all her positive energy. I love when at the end of the practice she asks us “how are you yogis?”… She is fresh as a rose and I look like I just came out of a washing machine! But I realize every time that I feel more and more satisfied with myself, with the progress made, I feel more toned, less “tied”, but the feeling of inner serenity is the thing I prefer! “Here and now”, I say thank you very much for introducing me to Nico yoga! Until next time… Namaste.

Alessandra Rotondi

A way of making yoga live as a mind-body alignment path, with competence, technique, a lot of clarity in vocal guidance and a lot of attention to detail. It makes it easy for a neophyte to find and overcomeown limits and in my case a bit of clumsiness, it leads you to come out of judgment and to a gradual and exciting awareness that there is no absolute right, but what is right and is good for you and in that moment. Progress is perceived even after the first lessons: the mindset changes and with it also the movements. A well- conducted course, a lot of willingness to answer the doubtful questions of the individual, a lot of attention to the practice of each student with targeted advice…. even when the lessons are enjoyed online and deferred. In short, a true path of growth at 360 degrees that makes you feel better with yourself and with others … and I am only at the beginning of this magnificent journey!!! Highly recommended.

Doris Marie Von Spöttl


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